Friday, April 10, 2009

Retreat at Hope Circle

The first weekend in April I was lucky enough to join 9 other women for a retreat at a wonderful cabin high in the Western North Carolina Mountains. It was to be a weekend to learn how to work with polymer clay. The setting was beautiful.

This the view from the deck of the cabin looking down to a fast moving creek. Fortunately there were stairs all the way down to the creek. The trip down was an easy walk.

Before I went too far I found a couple of violets. They were so pretty popping up among the brown leaves.

Finally, at the bottom of the valley where the creek was. It was beautiful flowing over rocks and under downed tree trunks. The sound of the the water running over the rocks is so magically.

Could these be Oconee Bells?

Another small, white wildflower. So pretty.

Now for the walk back up to the house.

That picture does not do the house justice. It was a bit plain on the outside, but inside was beautiful wood, vaulted ceiling, stone fireplace and windows.

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