Monday, April 27, 2009

Eagles, hawks and humming birds

A pair of bald eagles are raising their on eaglet under the watchful eyes of viewers from around the world at Sooner Lake in Oklahoma. One of the dedicated viewers put together a slide show from web shots showing the progress of the baby eagle.

2009 Sutton Eagle’s Nest

The three eagles in Norfolk, Virginia are about the same age as the one above. They were banded recently. Here is the link to the live cam. This one will show the view from the nest on banding day. Finally this is a video from the local TV station.

In British Columbia an eagle has just hatched and there is one egg left in the nest. The site has sound.

In Portland Oregon a pair of red tailed hawks have new babies. This site has a good, close view of the nest, but you have to watch a short commercial before the live feed begins.

Finally I have found two hummingbird nests to watch. A black-chinned hummingbird and a Channel Island Allen hummingbird.

I know their are many more bird cams to find and watch, but if I do that I never get anything accomplished.

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