Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Polymer Clay Retreat Fun

Before showing you some of the fun things we created at the Clay Retreat I wanted to show off the beautiful cabin we stayed in. The following two pictures were take looking down from the loft to the kitchen and great room area. It was a beautiful room full lined with windows that let in wonderful light. What you can't see is the beautiful view seen out the windows.

This is a Retro Cane that was fun to make.

Some of Aryd'ell's beautiful goddesses and stamped clay.

This is called Brain Cane.

A craft knife covered in the cane.

The next three pictures are of Annette's pieces. In the first they are out of the oven the first time. Then liquid clay is applied, baked and heated with a heat gun to the final result of a beautiful, shiny finish that I didn't do a very good job of capturing.

Many other techniques were tried resulting in lots of pretty pieces. It was a fun weekend.

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