Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mom knows how to fix it

There is a web cam on an eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa. It has two eaglets. Someone managed to record and post a short video of some drama that occurred one day. Dad was on the nest watching the bobble heads. He bends his head down close to the little ones. Thinking food is coming, one eaglet reaches out and manages to bite dad's face around his eye. The sharp bite startles dad and he shakes his head causing the eaglet to fly out of the center of the nest. The center of the nest is a small, deep bowl perfect for brooding the young eaglets. These eaglets are too young to be able to wander around the nest and they still need the warmth of the parent. Dad is at a loss. He really doesn't know what to do. The eaglet is out of the center of the nest, and he is too to small to climb back into the center. Fortunately mom comes back fixes everything.