Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sea Dragon loves Sparklies

My sister has a birthday this month and I wanted to give her something special. Jeff Welsh makes beautiful lampwork pendants including this great sea dragon. Big sis loves dragons and the ocean, so the sea dragon is perfect for her. I made a simple necklace using the basic spiral stitch. Dragons love sparkly things so there are 3mm indicolite Swarovski crystals in the spiral. The two inch long sections of spirals are separated by 6 mm indicolite and 4mm black diamond Swarovski crystals. Now I just need to get him in a box and in the mail to her.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sailing the Seven Seas

Sailing the Seven Seas was a longer journey than I anticipated. I love water whether it is in puddles, swimming pools, rivers, lakes or oceans, so exploring the Seven Seas is a natural choice for a page. It is my August page of the BJP.

Once again seven being considered a special or spiritual number is behind the designation of Seven Seas. It was hard to find a definitive original seven seas. One reference on the history of the Seven Seas said that all seven could be found in the Mediterranean. I guess the identity of the Seven Seas depended upon the sailor and the waters in which she sailed. The Seven Seas of the modern age include the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian, Antarctic, and Arctic Oceans.

Another important seven in my life that relates to water is my 23 foot sailboat, a Beneteau First 235. All boats produced in the US will have a hull identification number molded into the fiberglass on the stern of the boat. Among other things, this identifies the boat’s manufacture, date of manufacture, and the serial number of the hull. The identification number on my boat says it was the seventh Benteau First 235 made in the US. Naturally, it had to be included in my page on the Seven Seas. If you want to see a real Beneteau First 235 visit here

As for the rest of the page, I have no idea why I chose to show the seas at night. Perhaps it is the longing to be on the ocean at midnight with the stars stretching out from horizon to horizon. Dolphins have always been portrayed as a sailor’s friend, so it they had to come along for the journey.

This was a fun page even if it did take longer than I though it should. Tearing out lots of beads several times slowed me down a great deal. I tried once to ignore the desire to rip out lines of beads because they were going I the wrong direction. That resulted in having to tear out more beads than I would have had I just gone with my first thoughts. I know what my September page of seven is going to be and it will continue the theme of water.