Saturday, March 28, 2009

One warm spring day

On a recent day in March we visited the property in North Carolina. Thanks to the recent rains, the pond had water. Cody was so happy to see the water. Cody loves water, loves to swim, and loves retrieve sticks (since there aren't any ducks).

Sky does not like to swim. She doesn't mind the water. She will wade in until the water is high on her sides, but she always has her paws firmly on the mud. Thinking the main point of the game is to bring a stick back, Sky looks for a stick bigger than the one Cody is carrying.

Another game Sky plays is to wait for Cody to come back with the stick, grab it from him and bring it the rest of the way back. She then drops it before she gets all the way out of the pond. It means there is a constant search for a new stick to throw.

Cody really doesn't care for this game.

Staying in deeper water does help to keep little sister away.

But she can be very determined.

They had great time that afternoon. After all the romping in the water the two found a sunny place to stretch out. It didn't take long for the sun to dry them off.

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