Monday, September 15, 2008

Looking inside the Beaded Sphere

I've had a few days to explore my new book The Beaded Sphere by Judy Walker. It is a nice large format (measuring 8.5 by 11 inches), hard covered book with 231 pages. Color photos and detailed, color diagrams are on each page. She has divided the book into 5 sections with the first describing the basic technique. The technique is detailed in words and color diagrams with the thread paths clearly marked. I am a visual person and do best with diagrams in learning a new technique. Judy's diagrams are wonderful. She uses a different color for each bead row, arrows to show the direction of the thread and the thread path is clearly marked.

Her descriptions are well written and are in terms that are easy to follow. I think someone with very little beading experience will be able to pick up this book and learn her technique. The second section of the book are variations of the basic shape from section one. Not only do you learn the hexagon shape, but also square, star, triangles, rectangles and many more. She describes how the shape is made so you can take this information and create your own shape in the size you want. She also teaches you how to make filled shapes. Once again there are plenty of diagrams detailing each step.

Section three has 13 projects that are made with the the techniques described in the previous sections. I really like the mixture of diagrams and photos that accompany each project. It is easy to see what the written word is describing. I am anxious to get my left hand working again so I can try some of these beautiful shapes.

The fourth section is a gallery of beautiful bead work made with these techniques. She has pictures of her work as well as others. It is inspirational to see all the variations in full color. The fifth section has basic directions for even and odd count Peyote and tubular Ndbele stitches. The type of beads used are described and resources for those beads are provided.

The book is a very complete one meaning that everything you need to know to make a beaded sphere or any project is found in the book. You do not have to have a working knowledge of beading in order to use this book. I think this is a wonderful book and a great addition to my library. I know it is going to get lots of use and will be opened on the work table most of the time instead of sitting on the shelf. To get a glimpse inside this book, please visit Judy's web page.

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