Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beaded Sphere

Look what was in the mail today!

I'm so excited to get this book! In early July I found that Judy Walker had a book sharing her amazing techniques almost ready for purchase. I have long admired her work and wrote to her asking to be notified when the book was available. She offered a pre-publication deal and has kept everyone updated with the book's progress. Five days ago I received an email letting me know the book was on its way from California to South Carolina.

It has that wonderful new book smell that reminds me of when I worked in the high school library. If you will excuse me, I've got some reading waiting for me. I love brand new books.

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a2susan said...

I pre-ordered a book also and am hoping it will come today! I love learning how things go together, so am hoping to enjoy this book.