Friday, September 26, 2008

A few blue things

My left hand is still healing from carpel tunnel release surgery. Bead weaving stitches such as Peyote, herringbone tire it quickly. I don't want to slow the healing process so I do those stitches for a few minutes at a time. That makes finishing a project a slow process. To have some fun I have made some simpler things.

This is the Fabulous Fifties pattern by Glenda Payseno. It's a fun pattern that can look so different depending upon the beads used. This bracelet is on its way to my sister for her birthday.

I made these to go along with the bracelet. I like using the same beads when I make earrings to go with a bracelet or necklace, but I like them to look different. I hope sis likes them.

Since I was having so much fun with the blue beads, I came up with this bracelet. It's a fun bracelet.

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