Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More flowers

More pictures from my garden and a couple from my sweet Mother in Law's garden.
I gave my blueberry bushes an over due trimming last year and the berry production for this year is suffering. I do have a few that are just beginning to get a bit of color. Now the real trick is going to be to get the ripe blueberries before the wonder dog Cody does. Cody loves blueberries and will pick only the sweet, dark blue ones. He even stands on his hind legs to get the berries.

I love dahlias and have a few that are already blooming.

They come in so many different varieties and colors.

This is a gladiolus blossom that is just beginning to open.

A rose.

A lily.

A day lily.

This one is from the garden of my Sweet Mother in Law. She has hydrangeas all along the back of her house that are in full bloom. Some are the pretty blue. Some have a pink tint as she added lime to the soil.

This is from her butterfly bush. I love the deep, vibrant color.

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