Friday, June 26, 2009

A little bit purple

I can no longer say I never win anything. Back in April I was cruising through some of my favorite beading blogs when I came upon a post at Grace Beading entitled Faces. Grace was giving away a beautiful kit full of goodies. I won!

The feature of the kit is a beautiful face cab by Jen Martian of Graphixoutpost. It is a wonderful color of purple with great details. Grace included a piece of stiffen felt to mount the cab for beading.

There is a piece of ultra suede for the back of the finished cab. She even thought of the needles and thread for the project.

And the beads! There are some beautiful coordinating beads just waiting to be used. Everything was securely tucked inside a deep purple velvet pouch.

Projects such as the Beading for a Cure necklace have caused me to push this one aside. Finally I am ready. I have mounted the face on the felt, threaded the needle, and paused. Gee, I hate starting a new project. Once the first beads are places and the beads begin to say where they want to go I am OK. It is those first few beads that cause such stress.

I cruised over to Graces blog to gain some inspiration. She has mentioned Beading with Cabochons by Jamie Cloud Eakin in her blog. I have that book and it is one of my favorites for beading around cabs. I even have my beading books on one bookcase where I can find them. I spent a wonderful afternoon going through the book once more. And I have the first beads sewed around the cab. There is a good chance that I may do the frog stitch with those beads, so there won't be a picture just yet.

I just did a quick search to find a link for Jamie Cloud Eakin's book and discovered at her web site she is giving away a free book! Serendipitous. I also discovered some beautiful beaded work by Jamie.

Thank you Grace for being so generous.

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GraceBeading said...

Hey... you've started! Hooray! I hope you have fun with it, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.

Thanks for the tip on the book giveaway by Jamie - I'm headed over there to check that out.