Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It is finished

I finally finished my project for 2010 Beading for a Cure. The auctions for the items beaded will be held in March, 2010 which is National Colorectal Cancer Month. The name of this necklace is Delta Nights.

I spent many hours beading this necklace while watching a web camera focused on on an eagle nest located in the district municipality of Delta, Britsh Columbia. Hancock Wildlife Federation is a non-profit organization that has mounted web camera on several eagle nests in British Columbia.

The nest is in an old cottonwood tree in the yard of a farm house. Sheep and goats graze underneath the nest and children's voices are often heard. This pair of eagles are young at around 8 years. It is their second year to nest here. Last year they successfully raised two eagles It has been amazing to be able to follow this family and other eagles around North America. It is not a Disney movie and real life can be harsh. Orginally there were two eaglets in the Delta nest, but one fell out one night and did not surive the fall. Each day is a small victory. The eaglet in the Delta nest is also about one month younger than the other in the area. I don't know why this pair mated so late in the season, not do I know how it will affect this eaglet who should fledge around the second month of August. I do feel honored to be able to watch the eaglet grow each day.

The techniques I used to create the neclace came from two sources. One is Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork. The other is Geometric Beading by Glenda Payseno. Both books taught me a great deal and allowed me to pull together the vision of the necklace.

Capturing the beauty of the necklace is difficult, so I've offered photos on two different backgrounds.


GraceBeading said...

It's gorgeous!!! I love what you've done, nice work

Veleta (Sammy) said...

totally awesome necklace!!!