Monday, June 21, 2010

Two more bracelets completed

I've completed two more bracelets from patterns by Jaycee. The first is Called Rainbow Lace.

And this one is Savanna Storm

I really enjoyed making the Rainbow Lace and have another color combination that I would like to use for the pattern.  The Savanna Storm makes a nice, heavy cuff type bracelet. I like the end result, but it was tedious to bead because first a base is made, then the top is embellished and a third pass is made with more embellishment for the edges. She has designed a necklace that goes with the bracelet, but I will need more beads to do that to match the one above.  I wonder if the pattern will be as pretty using size 8 or  6 seed beads in a hex shape instead of the 3 mm fire polished crystals.

And just for fun, here is a picture of a Clematis seed pod.
The flowers are beautiful, but I really like the seeds.

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jaycee said...

I love your color combinations in both of the bracelets - you have done a wonderful job!!