Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beading on a Loom

I recently bought the Versa Loom. It's a neat little loom that is adjustable in length and designed to avoid having to weave in the warp threads. It works!

This is the first bracelet woven on the loom Herringbone. It was designed by Lisa Criswell and I found it at The Bead Coop.

I like the way the pattern repeated so the actual length of the bracelet was not important to the design. It was a great pattern to try on the loom. Lisa has some other loom patterns that I want to get for the loom.

The second pattern I tried on the loom was Grapes and Cubes designed by Rita Sova, the designer of the loom. It was a fun pattern in that it used 4 mm cubes, 11 triangles and 11 seed beads. I did it in two different color schemes.

This one was blue and purple.
The one above has green color lined cube beads, rose triangles and blue seed beads. The fact that the green cube beads are color lined means they really do not show up. They seem to reflect the blue seed beads making the whole thing look blue and pink.

I like the Versa Loom and want to make more things on it. Using a design that is a certain length will take some planning. The loom is very adjustable, but knowing the exact length needed for the beads used in the pattern will be important. It would be frustrating to get to the end of the bracelet and discover there is another quarter inch left or needed.

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jaycee said...

I also use the versa loom and have discovered while making my loom patterns that 97 rows of Delicas fit into 6.5 inches (tightly). You can always add the extra rows in square stitch after removing from the loom.
Hope you find this bit of info helpful.