Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Snowed!

The recent snow storm that moved up the East coast leaving much of the area covered in white left us with rain. I have had lots of fun looking at snow pictures on the web, but really wanted to see real snow. With that thought in mind, we ventured up to our property in North Carolina to see snow!

This was the first view of the snow as we approached the North Carolina boarder.

And here is one of the roads near our property. They were all fairly clear as plows had been along the road at some point. There was the occasional abandoned car to dodge along the way.

The view of the private drive to our property. Hmmm No tracks on the drive. The neighbors were either hibernating in their homes or had gone to town for the duration.

We did start up the drive. It is a narrow drive that curves and changes elevation often. It had rained during the night. The snow was packed and more ice than snow. Even though the truck had four wheel drive, we were slipping on the steep, curvy portions. We had tire chains that would have helped, but there was no real reason to drive all the way. It was fun to walk on the road and see how everything looked covered in snow. We saw the tracks of the animals like those of the deer below.

The pond was beautiful with snow all around.

This is one of the streams.

The deck at the over look.

Our neighborhood bear had wandered through sometime after the snow. Our game cameras showed us that he wandered around the night of the major snow fall. He came on to the property near the pond.

He wandered around the pond and headed toward the neighbor's property.
They have put out food for the raccoons in the past. He was probably hoping for a midnight snack.

I later found his prints where he had come back on the property. The last tracks were heading down the mountain. It was fun to follow his path. The prints seemed huge, but that might have been due to the way the snow melted away from his imprint. I guess this blows the theory that the bears hibernate during the winter in the South.

Snow makes the woods look so different.

More tracks in the snow. I don't think the tracks between the tire tracks were deer. The deer seem to cross a road or path while these tracks went right down the middle. Perhaps they were coyote.

It was a fun adventure.

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