Monday, August 04, 2008

Dogs just want to have fun

This is Cody who turned 8 this July. He's a Lab/Golden Retriever mix, but really doesn't care for retrieving. He does love to play tug with his rope. He also loves water. There is a small pond in the back yard and he will wade in the shallow end to cool off and get a drink. I was afraid that the pond had a leak because it was often an inch or two low. Then I realized that a dog will carry out a bit of water on his fur and figure it's good to add fresh water. There is one gold fish in the pond.

Sky, who will be three in September, takes the job of retrieving serious. She has several of these rubber balls hiding in the backyard and in the house. Cody will chew the cover off of tennis balls, so we don't use them. We know sky has a bit of Australian Shepard in her, but have no idea why she looks like a miniature German Shepard. When questioned about her breed, we often say Carolina Shepard.She also thinks the pond is a great place to get a drink. They have a huge bowl of fresh water available, but there is something special about the taste of pond water. Maybe it is the fun of standing in the water bowl that makes the pond so attractive.

Each day is a new adventure when you share your life with dogs.

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The Lone Beader said...

I wish I had a dog!