Friday, June 22, 2007

Still following the path

I really like the way the labyrinth is turning out. I find myself moving my finger along the path. The carpet of beads that cover the path have a nice texture and the walls are still higher than the path so it is easy to stay between them. I have a feeling I may have to finish this in such a way I can keep it on my desk. That way I can “walk” the labyrinth even though I don’t have a full size one. Once the page is finished I will take a proper picture instead of just scanning it.

A mixture of greens, gold and brown seed beads are used in the pathway. I’m not sure what I am going to do with the rest of the square. Everyone says is that their beads tell them what to do. I am hoping mine speak up soon. I do have some flat, round black beads in the stash that will make nice stepping stones leading to the entrance. There is a lot of fabric to cover with beads, but the work goes faster than I thought it would. I do have a small sample square that I have tried various stitches on before working on the actual square. I have never used beads this way and am learning as I go. I am also leaning so much by looking at everyone’s blogs. I am already thinking of the July project and have an idea forming.

A seven circuit labyrinth is not difficult to draw. Begin with a cross in the center. Hmmm actually it would be better to look here for the directions as they are nicely drawn out. Try drawing one of your own, it is easy. There are many other types of labyrinths. This is a good place to see some of them. If you want to read more about the history of labyrinths, check out this page. Want to read more?

I really appreciate all the comments that have been left. I love looking at everyone's work and the different blogs. It's fun how this project has lead many of us to venture into the area of blogging, while others have been doing it for a long time. The blog is another step outside of my comfort zone. Sharing my progress, ideas, and thoughts with others is a bit scary. I am old enough to still think of the world wide web as mysterious, wondrous, and magical. It is a way for me to have friends in places I will never visit.


Vicki said...

Your labyrinth is beautiful. What a great idea to raise the lines so that it can be "walked."

I have walked labyrinths a few special times and your piece brings back those experiences.

I agree this is a multi-layered adventure (from your BJP posting) and brings many unexpected twists and surprises.

I know that if you are patient with your beads, they will absolutely tell you what comes next. If you get impatient and try to do something else, they'll let you know about it!! Mine always do!! ;-)

Sunni said...

This is really coming along nicely,
I can see walls and a garden path it makes me want to wander slowly through it.

beadbabe49 said...

Your last paragraph has expressed my feelings perfectly! It's all still magic to me too and I'm so excited that we're actually at the beginning of this particular journey. By the end of it, I expect to truly have friends in far away places, whose work I will always be interested in!

CC said...

I was wondering what colors you were gonna put inside on the walk! I can't see them really well, but it does make me want to walk my fingers along your piece! Great idea!
With aloha,

Lois B said...

I love how this is coming out. I'm very texture-oriented, so the idea of "walking" this labyrinth is very appealing. Maybe I'll try one of my own.

freebird said...

Yes, the idea of feeling your way along the path is really deep. I saved the site you led us to here and also tried drawing the labyrinth linked here; guess that will take a little more practice. I may have to bead one as you did just to touch it since I can't touch yours. Hmmm, maybe a Labyrinth Bead Project for year #2?!!

KV said...

Wonderful idea!

Carol said...

I love your labyrinth. I love seeing what everyone is doing with this project as a new beader I am thoroughly enjoying the journey so far.