Sunday, June 17, 2007

From my garden

I love flowers and try to grow them every summer. Over the years I have found the ones I am most successful growing. Below are a few of the ones blooming right now.

I have a huge, old rosemary bush. These are their very small blooms. I love to brush against the rosemary as I walk by to release the wonderful aroma.

These day lilies have been around forever. It is not unusual to see them blooming along the sides of roads.

A beautiful deep lemon color, the petals gentle curve downwards.

The Stokes Aster is another flower that is easy for me to grow. It provided a huge showing of blooms in June. If I am diligent about dead-heading the old blooms I get a few more in July.

Last one for today. This is a gladiolus. I remember them from my father's garden.

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