Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Angel of Hope

Someone has moved into my craft room. Do you see her?

There she is, on top of the bead shelves.


Angel of Hope came from Woodland Wanderings 


She is beautiful. I am hoping she will help me organize the rest of the room to be as functional as the seed bead shelves are. I also wouldn't mind a bit of help with my creative muse. She hasn't been here long, but I find her presence to be calming and reassuring. The wonderful fragrance of lavender probably helps. Woodland Wanderings has an Etsy store, Whimsy Hollow where she sells handmade soaps and balms. It is worth the visit.

Angel of Hope and Woodland Wanderings were part of the One World One Heart project created by Lisa Swifka. This was the fourth year of OWOH. Over 1,000 bloggers from 40 countries signed up. Each blogg on the list agreed to give away at least one item to another blogger who left a comment on their page. On Valentine's Day the winners were randomly selected. Even though the give away is over, the list of bloggs is still available. If you have a few minutes, stop by and visit a few. They are all fun, creative, and enjoyable. 

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