Monday, August 31, 2009

Beaded Bezel Polymer Clay Cab

I have a very beautiful cab that I wanted to bead around, but was unsure what to do after the initial beaded bezel. So I tried a Peyote ruffle. I love the ruffle, but did not like the way it looked on the cab. So I cut it off and tried something else. This time I went with simple embellishment with crystals.
I like it better. But does it need more? How about fringe? I'm never sure when it is finished. I'm working on the necklace for the cab right now. It is a simple 3 sided twisted herringbone out of matte black, shiny black and a black silver lined bead.

The cab is made of polymer clay by Sharon Solly who has a shop on Etsy.


Ellen said...

I like this one way better, Sue. If you feel like it needs more (I'm not sure it does, what about another outside layer with smaller crystals between what is now the outer edge. Does that make sense? ;)

It's _very_ pretty!

Ellen said...

WOW...You done good. If you wanted to add a tassel of sorts, to match the strap, I do not think that would take away from your beautiful focal point...!! Thanks for the updates. Bebee.