Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beading for a Cure

It has been a long time since I posted any of my beadwork. I am currently working on my entry for the 2010 Beading for a Cure The 2009 entries are currently being offered for auction a few at each week at Ebay Here is my 2009 entry:

It was offered the first week the auctions began. I am happy to say it earned a few bids. I had nightmares of my item not getting any bids and having to beg someone to bid on it.

I like this year's color pallet much better than last year. Included in the kit this year is a beautiful lampwork bead by Laurie B. Smith. I think she had to make over 80 of the same bead. It was generous of her to offer her time, talent and glass for the cause. All other beads in the kit came from Stormcloud Trading Co. Below are some pictures of the beading tray containing all the kit beads.

I'm using geometric shaped pieces for my entry. I have had a ton of help from two wonderful artists. Glenda Payseno and her book Geometric Beading and Diane Fitzgerald with her book Shaped Beadwork. Both books are about using the Peyote stitch to created dimensional shapes. It is fun and challenging.

The offical deadline for the project is July 15, 2009. I am almost finished and hope to have it in the mail by the end of June. The auctions will begin in March 2010.

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GraceBeading said...

Love what you're doing with this years kit - am looking forward to seeing it completed.