Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sky's hurt paw

Sometime Monday afternoon Sky tore her dew claw on her left front paw. I do not know how she tore it. She came inside around 6 P.M. and I noticed she was licking her left front leg a great deal. She let me look at it. The claw was at a funny angle and I could see the quick of the claw. Since it wasn't bleeding we decided she could wait until morning to see the vet.

We have a wonderful veterinarian who is part of a equally wonderful clinic. The vet we usually see was not in on Tuesday, so Sky saw another doctor of the practice. They gave her a local anesthetic and removed the damaged claw. She was a good girl and polite to everyone there. She was very happy to get home and relax a bit. She came home with her paw wrapped in a teal bandage with stars.

You could tell it hurt her. I really like that the vet always manages pain in our dogs. I think some neglect that. Animals tend to be stoic and not show when they hurt. That doesn't make the pain less. Pain medication was sent home with Sky. It seemed to help as she did not mess with her bandage much. It was wrapped tightly to stop any bleeding. The vet hoped she would keep the bandage on until morning.

Sky is a great patient and kept the bandage on and did not mess with it. We removed it and put a clean pad and bandage on. She is feeling better, but still isn't up to chasing her ball. The claw will grow back, but it is going to take some time.


cyberange said...

oh poor thing ! she looks so sad :(

jan said...

hugs to sky
just catching up on blog reading,love your work and did you try making the gloves? am going to put hotfix chrystals on mine

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

The eyes say it all... can always tell when our dog is in pain because she just looks like she wants to cry. Love a good vet... ours does the pain management thing as well.