Friday, August 31, 2007

Meet Sky, Cody's little sister.

She will be 2 years old this fall. Her hobbies include chasing her ball, herding Cody, chasing her ball, stealing Cody's toys, chasing her ball, getting belly rubs. She has asked for a herd of sheep to keep in line.

Sky is a wonderful mix of dog breeds including Australian Shepard. We really don't have a clue as to what breeds make up Sky, but she does have a strong herding instinct. She is smaller than Cody and weighs in around 50 pounds. Her markings resemble a German Shepard and we often refer to her as a "Carolina Shepard".

In the picture you can see the dull gray color of the grass. There were 14 days in August that the temperatures reach 100 F or above. It was easier to let the grass go into a drought dormancy than try to keep it watered. I did keep my container flowers watered in hopes of fall blooms.

This is one dahlia that managed to bloom during the one of the hottest days.

We have had several thunder storms roam through the last few days bringing relief with rain and cooler temperatures. The one yesterday afternoon brought a downpour with small hail and lots of lightning. The cable modem was off line from yesterday until this morning.

I caught this little guy searching for dinner on a Marigold.

I have a great picture of a garter snake, but I know many people do not like snakes. I won't post the picture here, but here is the link that takes you to a picture of him.

I'm working on my August BJP. Keeping with my theme of Seven, it is about the Seven Seas. Once again the idea that 'seven' is a magical or spiritual number is a major factor behind the 'Seven Seas'. Just which seas make up the magical seven depends upon the time in history as well as the location.

More about the seven seas in a few days.


The Lone Beader said...

I love Shepards. Maybe someday I'll get one... :)

Kiwi Ellen said...

I love the colour of your dahlia, that heat sure is tough on the gardens but I'm pleased you got some blooms. What a cute little guy on the marigold. We have garter snakes in the garden here too, although I must admit to being very careful the first time I saw one but hubby assured me that they are harmless, so I don't mind them now

Seven Seas - hmmm that sounds like a real magical place

Sunni said...

What a beautiful dog. I loved her hobbies. On my site is a pic of my dog Duke. Duke is a yorkie and his hobbies also include, belly rubs, naps, chasing our cat Sassy, belly rubs, more nabs and lots and lots of eating. Aren't they wonderful to have around. Oh and the only thing Duke ever ask for is more belly rubs and more food.

freebird said...

The lizard is so cute. I had to go see the snake. What a picture you got! Why do we like lizards and not snakes? Dogs are so great. We throw balls for two dogs every afternoon. I am teaching my new dog to play ball but so far she will go after but not return the ball to me. She is more interested in chasing our big dog Sarah (german shorthair pointer) while Sarah retrieves her ball. Sarah at 50 lbs. is very intimidated by Brandy at 6lbs.!