Thursday, May 31, 2007

I have my Theme for the Bead Journal

Various themes for the year long Bead Journal project have been bouncing around my head for several weeks. Ideas began when I first heard of the project and I felt I couldn’t do it. Last night, while trying to fall asleep, one theme came to me that seemed perfect. I knew I should get up and write the idea down so I wouldn’t forget it by morning. I didn’t get up. It is the right theme as I did remember the idea this morning.

My project is going to be a study of the number 7. Seven has always been my number. It is a lucky number. and a number that has made its mark in history. I wrote down several possible ideas using seven for a monthly project. Then I turned to my favorite web search engine, . I now have more ideas than I know what to do with. The hardest part is to decide which one I will do for the month of June. I think I will save the number itself for July as that will be the 7th month of 2007. The wonderful date of 07/07/07 will be in July. Now I need to decide on the size and what June is going to involve.


freebird said...

I understand 7 to mean wholeness or completeness. It will be quite interesting to see just how you explore what you see in the number.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh my that is amazing, I never realized that this year would make that combination of 7s. I am really going to celebrate my birthday now instead of just letting it pass quietly as I had intended. I'm looking forward to seeing how you interpret the number 7 each month

Snowrose said...

Are you using 7 per numerology? If your name (full name given at birth) equals to 7, there's so many things you can do because every number has a meaning. This is an awesome idea that you're doing! I really like that!
I think June will be my toughest project and then the rest may be easier... I still haven't quite figured out my theme just yet. I just want to make sure it reflects who I am because it's a project that's mine and not for the family so I really want for it to be something that says everything about me. Tough though... hmmm... I really love your ideas! If you want more information on what 7 represents, you can look up gnothology. Sadly dictionaries don't recognize it... it recognizes numerology but the term is really gnothology. It's fascinating stuff and yes you would love it! I'm adding you on my blog